September 2011

We now have AQIS approval for 3 of our Award Chemicals branded products


Specially formulated for use in food preparation areas for all hospitality and meat processing applications


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Award Chemicals is a contract manufacturer of quality cleaning chemicals. With over 40 years of industry experience, we manufacture for some of the industries leading cleaning chemical suppliers.

We also supply our own Award branded products of the highest quality, direct from our warehouse to cleaners and the general public.

With a qualified Industrial Chemist on staff, Award Chemicals offers its customers the opportunity to manufacture to their own formulas or formulate a product to meet the customers needs.


Quality Guaranteed

Another advantage of having one of the industries most experienced Industrial Chemist on board is our ability to manufacture to a high standard with each and every batch. Our manufacturing processes guarantee consistency with regard to effectiveness, colour and texture.



Another aspect that allows Award Chemicals to excel in its field is its ability to adapt to meet each clients needs. This is certainly true with our willingness and ability to manufacture our products in various sizes from 5000ltr units to 500ml units.

Award also has the capability to create custom made labels for our customers which allows you to brand your own products with your logos and details.